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It is a group of people who have come together from different fields of ART and who have explored and proved their skills in their respective areas.

Our urge is to bring the talented personnel from different fields of ART. With the initiative of this effort, we strongly believe in the teamwork.

Thane Art Guild belongs to everyone who has passion in any form of art and wishes to bring in their talent and contribute to the success of TAG's objectives.

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मार्च महिन्याची टॅग मीटिंग, दि ४ मार्च २०२० रोजी संध्याकाळी ७.३० वाजता, डॉ काशिनाथ घाणेकर मिनी थिएटर येथे होईल. मीटिंग नंतर, सादर होईल एकांकिका *स्पर्श* लेखक:- शिरीष हिंगणे दिग्दर्शक:- संतोष सराफ कलाकार:- टॅगचे लहानमोठे 25 कलाकार

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